Hi! I'm Dr Patricia and I believe the wellness world is ready to include dental health in the conversation.  

Having the right oral/dental care sets you up to thrive on a whole new level. Our head is connected to our body and we should not be ignoring there is a mouth body connection. We are living longer, and keeping our teeth longer, which requires us to care not just for cavities but to prevent inflammation which occurs due to gum disease. Inflammation can and does adversely effect both our oral and general health.

Gum health is the new gut health and unfortunately yoga and green juice alone aren't going to cut it when it comes to getting you in optimal condition. I have created this platform to inform and educate you so please join me in the discussion on the importance of oral health and let us challenge the status quo!

As a Board Certified Periodontist, I believe in collaborative and integrated healthcare, a wellness alliance that helps you attain your optimal health with oral health being an essential part of the picture. Maintaining healthy gums is true Preventive Medicine.

It is important to me that each patient feels part of that conversation through personalized consultation, education and preventive care. My favorite part? Seeing patients thrive as they live a vibrant, healthy and joy filled life as a result of their attention to their oral health. 
You deserve and are worthy of a life of complete wellness. Your gums may be the missing link.

"It is time we have the conversation that our oral health care is an essential part of our overall health care and well being.”

My Wellness Rituals


Self- Care isn’t just face masks & long baths. It is also doing mundane things that your future self will thank you for….. Are you FLOSSING TWICE PER DAY?

Daily Flossing adds healthier years to your life. It’s about the mouth body connection

Maintaining A Healthy Mouth


“Stress is the sugar of the soul. It affects your health from the inside out”. 

Listen to your mouth for health clues. Are you clenching or grinding your teeth? Smoking? Missed dental appointments? Do you have mouth ulcers? Poor oral hygiene? My “go to” for minimizing stress and recharging are my functional body workouts, spending time outdoors, music and reading. 



Our food and beverage choices have a direct effect on the health of our mouths. Acknowledging that oral and general health go together really matters.

DRINK WATER with FLOURIDE between meals – it helps your overall health. Drink water especially after eating to help wash away food particles.




SMILE, SPARKLE, SHINE……. Your smile is the most valuable thing you can wear.

Let’s work together to ensure the health of your smile. You deserve – and are worthy of – a life of complete wellness! I believe healthy life choices should begin as early as possible and we try and share this with our boys at home. 

Smile Often

About Dr. Sukmonowski

Patricia Sukmonowski, B.Sc., DDS originally from Ontario, Canada, is a Board Certified Periodontist.

She received her doctorate in dental surgery from New York University College of Dentistry where she also completed her Advanced Education studies in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry.

Deeply committed to always learning and staying abreast of industry innovation, she has served as an Assistant Professor of Periodontics at her Alma Mater where she taught at both pre and post–doctoral levels and was also a co-director of the International Program In Periodontics.  

Dr. Sukmonowski now combines her private practice with lecturing in the US and abroad and has been involved in organized dentistry at the local, state and national level. 


A highly trained and skilled clinician Dr Sukmonowski has earned the respect of her patients and the recognition of her peers through various awards. Her career highlights include :


As the President of the American Association of Women Dentists – NYC Chapter she was instrumental in encouraging women dentists to participate in continuing education programs, mentoring and become active in organized dentistry.


 The third and most recent female to hold the position in its 152 year old history. She has also been an active member of various committees, its Board of Directors and Executive Committee working on behalf of dentists in New York City.


The American Dental Association, New York State Dental Association, American Academy of Periodontology, American Board of Periodontology, the Northeastern Society of Periodontics, the Academy of Osseointegration, the American Association of Women Dentists, New York County Dental Society and Fellow of the New York Academy of Dentistry, Fellow of the American College of Dentists.


 Dr. Sukmonowski continuously works towards raising awareness about Oral Health Issues and their significance and impact on an individual’s overall health and well-being. She continues to lecture on topics ranging from Periodontics, Women’s Oral Health, Oral Medicine and Implant Dentistry and has been invited to contribute to articles, television and radio interviews.

As someone who believes the wellness world is ready to include oral health into the dialogue, Dr. Sukmonowski wants to not only keep your smile healthy but also educate you about the risk factors of inflammation, smoking and how women’s health can be affected by the mouth body connection.                                                                                                                                                                          
Dr. Sukmonowski lives in New York City with her husband Dr. Michael Bral and two sons. They enjoy soccer, tennis and music together. Highlights are always cooking, discovering new restaurants and traveling to be with family.

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